The upfront investment required to prepare a GCF proposal is significant. Navigating GCF requirements while designing a project and programme can be complex. This section focuses on the design process and relevant resources available to support this.

Understand the Project Requirements of the Fund

  • Are the Fund’s requirements for project proposals understood?
  • Is the data and evidence required to support the project proposal available?
  • Are the technical design needs for the project clear? Does your organisation have the capacity to deliver these? If not, where will the resources and capacity needed to develop these come from?
  • Who in your organisation will be responsible for project preparation?
  • Who within the AE will be responsible for project preparation?
  • Is your institution aware of the GCF Project Preparation Facility and how this support can be accessed?

Resources and Links

Project Preparation Facility

Application Template

Project Preparation Facility Guidelines

Results Management Framework (RMF)

Performance Measurement Frameworks (PMF) 

Ensure Entities Can Deliver the Project

  • Is the role of the Accredited Entity clear in terms of supporting the project design process?
  • Are the roles of the Accredited Entity and Executing Entity (in terms of the intended implementation of the project) clear?
  • Does the role of the Executing Entity align with their capacity to meet the requirements to deliver the project (in terms of technical, financial and risk management capacity)?

Resources and Links

GCF Process Documentation