Private sector is a key player

27 June 2019

By Iliesa Tora of the Nuku’alofa Times

Sigatoka, Fiji (Enviro News): The private sector is a key player in climate change and disaster finance work, the Regional Climate and Disaster Risk Forum at the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort in Sigatoka, Fiji heard this morning.

Panellists from Fiji, Samoa and the Solomon Islands at this morning’s session on ‘Public Private Sector Partnerships (PPP) and Climate and Disaster Risk Finance’ shared their experiences on partnerships in their respective countries.

Collaboration between stakeholders key to accessing climate change finance.

27 June 2019

By KALISITO ECEÉCE of FemLink Pacific.

Sigatoka, Fiji The need for strengthened collaboration between Governments and all key stakeholders such as civil society, private sector awareness on climate change finance, was highlighted by a Representative from the Ministry of Economy of Fiji yesterday in Sigatoka.

Pacific accessibility to climate finance still inadequate: Palu

By Anita Roberts of Vanuatu Daily Post

June 26, 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji - The Pacific's accessibility to climate finance is still inadequate despite availability of funds, the Climate Finance and Public Financial Management (PFM) Advisor of GIZ, Mr Aholotu Palu, said during the opening of the second Regional Climate Finance Meeting.

ISACC project strengthens institutions in Tuvalu to access and manage climate finance

By Puasei'ese Pedro of Tuvalu Broadcasting Corporation

26 June 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji – The Institutional Strengthening in Pacific island Countries to adapt to Climate Change (ISACC) project is assisting Tuvaluan practitioners who are engaged with climate change related projects.

Ms. Susan Tupulaga, National Coordinator of the ISACC project in Tuvalu, said that although Tuvalu does not receive direct funding from ISACC, it receives benefits in other ways which assist to implement projects on the ground.

Tuvalu encourages donors to channel funding assistance through the Ministry of Finance

By Puaseiese Pedro of Tuvalu Broadcasting Corporation.

26 June 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji – Every Tuvaluan that sits in or attends regional or international conferences is encouraged to point out to donors that funding assistance must go through the Tuvalu’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Pacific island countries need credible and robust Public Finance Management (PFM) systems

BY JARED KOLI, Journalism Student, University of the South Pacific.

26 June 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji – Pacific island countries need to have credible and robust Public Finance Management (PFM) systems to meet climate finance fiduciary requirements.

Accessing climate finance strengthens national Public Finance Management systems

By GEORGINA KEKEA, Barava FM/Freelance Journalist, Solomon Islands.

June 26, 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji – The process needed to access the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is said to improve the quality of internal processes and procedures in governments’ Public Financial Management (PFM) systems.

In a meeting for regional participants on ‘climate change and disaster risk finance’ it was highlighted that processes set by donor agencies to access GCF funding have really pushed countries to work on strengthening their financial systems.

System reforms must be demand driven, not supply driven

By ILIESA TORA of Nuku’alofa Times.

26 June 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji – Pacific Island countries should reform their Public Finance Management Systems (PFMS) for their own good and not just to meet requirements to access Climate Financing only, the Regional Climate and Disaster Risk Finance Forum in Sigatoka, Fiji heard this morning.

Cook Islands’ Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Garth Henderson said this was important to ensure that PFMS are owned by countries and can be sustained over time.

Improving climate finance makes for more resilient Pacific

By Seneti Popua ‘Aho of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

26 June 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji – The Pacific Islands are directly impacted by climate change, but much of the foreign funds intended for combating climate change are difficult for Pacific island countries to directly access, and if funds are accessed, the complexity of the required reporting can prove too difficult to effectively manage.

Sharing Pacific Perspectives on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Finance


26th June 2019, Sigatoka, Fiji - Climate change and disaster risk finance is crucial to addressing climate change, the greatest single threat to the livelihoods, security and well-being of the Pacific.  As such, a gathering on climate change and disaster risk finance opened today in Sigatoka, Fiji bringing together over 70 Pacific island delegates and partners.