The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) headquartered in Switzerland, is an international entity focused on weather, climate and water. It provides a unique mechanism for the timely exchange of weather, climate and water data, information and products. Its core activity is to assist countries and national agencies to improve weather and air-quality forecasts, climate predictions, risk assessments, early warnings for extreme weather and climate events, and to provide a growing range of related services for the public and decision makers globally.

In the context of climate change, WMO plays an important role in supporting adaptation to climate variability and change by linking science-based climate predictions and information with the management of climate-related risks and opportunities in major climate-sensitive sectors. WMO intends to strengthen its assistance to developing countries and small island developing states to enable them to achieve strategic impact in the areas of mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. 

Project Value Threshold
Small (USD 10 m > total project costs and < 50 m)
Environmental and Social Risk Category
Category C (Project has minimal or no adverse risks)




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